January 15th, 2018

European Le Mans Series Renews its Logo

Before heading into its 14th season, the European Le Mans Series (ELMS) has revealed a new brand identity. It marks the series' first logo redesign since its rename in 2012.

The main goal of ELMS' new logo is to represent its main values: European, Le Mans, Motorsport and Endurance. It was also designed with various platforms in mind such as displaying it on digital platforms and television.

The use of the three stars symbolises the three steps of the podium, the European values and also the three classes (LMP2, LMP3 and LMGTE) that take part in the series.

The series' promoter Gérard Neveu added:

“We wanted a logo that will continue to build the brand for many years to come. The new ELMS logo is simple yet easily recognisable and dynamic. It is a modern design evoking the very important tradition of endurance competition.”

Our opinion

Unlike the Formula One redesign, this rebranding works really well for several reasons.
Firstly, changing the colors from black and an intense blue to orange and a darker blue makes the logo appear more high-quality. Secondly, the "Le Mans" typography is set in a custom display but still well recognizable and readable typeface. Thirdly, having two different fonts, colors and the appropriate spacing, the new logo manages to convey a hierarchy much better than the old one.
All things considered, the ELMS redesign is one that doesn't only look more appealing, but also works much better in terms of marketing.


About the author

Dennis Schmidt is a product designer and racing enthusiast from Hamburg, Germany.

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