21 February 2018 · Dennis Schmidt

A Circuit Gallery for your Living Room

In case you feel your four walls could get some more colour, Brandon Moore has created posters picturing legendary racing circuits. We talked to him about the process of creating those and how the project came about.

A selection of Brandon's posters – available at https://www.bmcreative.net/

Depicted are great corners like Eau Rouge in Spa Francorchamps, the Mulsanne Straight of Le Mans or the Grand Hôtel hairpin in Monaco – all in a distinct retro style.

I just thought about what it looked like standing at the bottom of Eau Rouge and drew what i saw in my head.

Brandon's initial motivation was to create something to take his mind off after work and which would help him improve his skills.
Interestingly, his first idea was to design stamps. However, he felt his designs were better posters than stamps and thus decided to scale them up. "I've always loved racing in all forms, so the original idea was to design stamps for 20 or so of my favorite tracks. I felt like they were becoming better posters than stamps though, and started making adjustments that would let them scale appropriately", he said.

Asked about how much time it takes to complete one image, Brandon says it usually about an hour. However, Monaco took some more time as he kept making adjustments to it. So far, 10 posters have been finished but there are a lot more circuits to come like the Laguna Seca, Silverstone and Monza.

Some of the posters are already available from $30 in several sizes. Get them at bmcreative.net.

To follow Brandon's progress, make sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Or if you're a designer – why not directly on dribbble?

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