28 January 2018 · Dennis Schmidt

Formula E Rebranding

Before heading into its fourth season, the all-electric racing championship ABB FIA Formula E received a complete rebranding. Involved were the agencies Prophet, Dixon Baxi and Yarza Twins.

The main goal of Formula E's rebranding was to “stop trying to compete with Formula 1”, according to Prophet's Greg Handrick. Hence, the agency went for a very unique branding that stands out from anything else in motorsport and came up with a truly striking result.

Included in the redesign are a new colour scheme and a custom typeface as well as a new set of TV graphics and a rework of many more touchpoints. The brand identity still heavily relies on blue as a primary color, but it's much more fluorescent now. Meanwhile, purple replaced the previous dark blue as the accent color, creating a colour scheme that's pretty rare but highly striking.

The new typeface was created by the London-based design studio Yarza Twins and is heavily influenced by industrial and maritime typefaces from the 1920's and 30's. Particularly striking are the pointy corners of the letters that make for a unique primary display font.

DixonBaxi were responsible for translating the new identity onto TV, creating a very modern experience and keeping unique details like the heads-up display and the 'augmented' grid.

More detailed case studies can be found directly at DixonBaxi and Yarza Twins.

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Dennis Schmidt is a graphic and UI/UX designer as well as motor racing enthusiast from Hamburg, Germany.