16 December 2019 ·

GEOX Dragon's Formula E Livery

About a month ago, the sixth FIA Formula E season went underway in Ad Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. Among the last teams to unveil their design was GEOX Dragon. Their livery has for the third time in succession been created by British designer Sean Bull and has some very distinct features that distinguish it from the other designs on the grid.

What's apparent at first glance is the lack of 'proper' colours (everything but black and white) on the car. This has already been it's primary feature in the previous season and has been continued for the 2019/20 campaign. The only subtle splashes of colour accent can be found in some sponsor logos and rather unobtrusive parts like the wheel rims or the inside of the air intakes at the front of the sidepods.

One other small concept that's been taken over from last season's livery are the horizontal stripes on the roll hoop, symbolizing the American flag – Dragon being an American team. Everything around it has completely changed though, though. “Whereas last year the design was refined to follow the Chassis shapes and curvature, the Penske EV-4 has purposely disregarded the cars lines and surfaces to create our own silhouettes with the negative space.”

With so many high-rise buildings surrounding the tracks, I decided to design the livery from the top down.

This season's design prominently features a gigantic 'X' across the whole car. The symbol itself has been lent from the logo of Dragon's title sponsor – Italian shoe brand GEOX. While this feature might not always be instantly visible, it becomes more apparent when looking at the car from an elevated angle.

”The approach to this seasons car was literally taken from a whole new perspective“, as Sean Bull writes in the design summary of the livery. ”With Formula E being a city-based series with so many high-rise buildings surrounding the tracks and the majority of our photo selection last year demonstrating the impact of how the car looks from above, I decided to take the approach to design the livery from the top down view with a dramatic ‘X’ Graphic draped over the entire car.“

The distinct 'X' of the car is much more apparent when viewed from above.

One other feature of the design is that parts of the car have been coloured which are normally left as pure carbon. ”For this season I wanted to explore how to make the most of every surface available to us, therefore the ‘X’ graphic has also been extended onto the diffuser, most obviously view from the side, it continues the piece right through the design.“

I wanted to explore how to make the most of every surface available to us.

Apart from the lines, shapes and colours of the design, Sean and the Dragon team have also put a lot of thought into the materials they want to use. Different finishes are used all over the car. The stripes of the US flag going from the cockpit area to the rear of the car for example, are as white as their backdrop, but have a matte finish – thus reflecting the light differently and becoming visible.
”One more key aspect of the design is the finish itself which we believe will be the first fully painted Formula E Livery including all logos and branding, allowing a much smoother and consistent finish to the surface.“

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