26 July 2018 · Dennis Schmidt

Introducing: Automotive Designer Marco van Overbeeke

Motorsport concept designs can nowadays be found all over the internet. Marco van Overbeeke takes it a step further and designs concept cars and their liveries altogether. We spoke to him about his motivation, his skills, and his dream projects.

It's right before Christmas 2017. All manufacturers except Toyota have just ended their LMP1 projects and the category is at a fairly big crossroad. Rumors of a hypercar-based category are spreading. Dutch designer Marco van Overbeeke paints the picture.
His concept designs have been a big thing on social media and rightly so. They depict racing versions modern hypercars in Le Mans: Mercedes-AMG Project One, McLaren Senna, Aston Martin Valkyrie, and some more.

Another big project of Marco's was to design liveries for cars that races in Le Mans in the 50s and 60s, some really cool retro stuff. The concepts turned into professional work as Marco was able to design some liveries for the Ferrari 488 Challenge. Currently, he is giving advise to owners of hypercars on color spec configuration or is designing liveries for them altogether.
Despite designing liveries from time to time, Marco's background is actually in industrial design. As a kid, he used to sketch cars and turned that into a degree in Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands.

Also today, his focus is primarly on designing cars' shapes rather than their paint, being a freelance automotive concept designer. He is generally a big fan of retro design. That shows in a recent project in which he reimagined his favorite car – the Lamborghini Miura – for modern times. Hundreds of sketches go into a design concept like this, before it is turned into a sophisticated 3D model. His favorite liveries are also retro classics of motor racing: the John Player Special and Marlboro designs are on top of the list.

Automotive Design is the ultimate combination of my passion for cars and motorsport with the practice of drawing, sketching, rendering & visualizing my ideas.

The passion for motorsport and design runs in the family. Marco's brother Andries van Overbeeke is also an artist and 3D specialist in car design. One of their latest projects was to design the exterior and interior of a fully electric hypercar which was presented at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Other cars Marco and Andries van Overbeeke designed are the Silvermine 11SR and the Huet Brothers HB.

Marco's dream project would be to create a design for a special car like a hypercar, a racecar or even a car for movies – but without the usual restrictions of an average consumer car project. Like the Aston Martin Valkyrie, the Lamborghini Gran Turismo Coupe or the Batmobile.

Check out more of Marco's projects on Behance and make sure to follow him on Twitter @marcovodesign.

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