10 January 2020 · Dennis Schmidt

This Week in Racing Design: #11

It's 2020! Time for the first edition of This Week in Racing Design of the decade. 🤯Since we took an extended holiday break, this one is actually going to cover the last two weeks.

The Best Livery of 2020

Hate to disappoint you, livery designers, but you can put down your Wacom pen and go home. There won't be a better livery than that one by Andy Blackmore this year.

Credits for the header image go to Jamey Price, by the way. He's an amazing photographer and we're sure you're following him already. If you don't, you definitely need to.

M-Sport's 2020 Livery

M-Sport has unveiled their livery for the 2020 WRC season. They have in fact consistenly delivered great liveries in the last years and this one is no exception. We really dig the dynamic shapes and patterns on the car.

Bentley 2020 Livery

Speaking of M-Sport, they're also the ones running the Bentley factory campaign in this year's Intercontinental GT Challenge. Also there, they're going to field an amazing design. As much as we like the polygon pattern, that green colour and finish are even better. Great job!

Vector Tutorials Coming Up

Designer Matt Reeves announced releasing some vector tutorials throughout the year. That's exactly the type of content we need to enable new talents to join our community and not so new talents to become better and raise the industry standard overall. We can't wait – no pressure, Matt. 😉

DTM Celebrates New Year

Good news: Chris Rathbone is still doing Chris Rathbone things – this time for the DTM. Needless to say, this illustration is awesome. Hope that goes without saying by now.

Some cool artworks

There have been two more cool artworks the last two weeks we'd like to share with you. Great job, Ivan and Quentin!

Found something that wasn't on this list? Tweet us @btwnracinglines and we'll include it in next week's edition!

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