17 January 2020 · Dennis Schmidt

This Week in Racing Design: #12

Some Porsches

Berzerkdesign has done it again. Great looking Porsches. πŸ”₯

One More Porsche

Speaking of Porsche, KV Design has recently designed a good looking bunch of them. Here's the latest one.

Marcus Ericsson's Indycar

AlphaTauri Week

With Toro Rosso rebranding to AlphaTauri, the concept livery season is really on by now if it hasn't been already.

Liveries for Bathurst

Can't wait to see those AMGs on track 🀩

Cesar Moreno

We stumbled upon work by Cesar Moreno and it's pretty amazing.

Cool Livery

Cool Artwork

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Dennis Schmidt is a graphic and UI/UX designer as well as motor racing enthusiast from Hamburg, Germany.