07 February 2020 · Dennis Schmidt

This Week in Racing Design: #15

Haas F1's 2020 Livery

As you've probably all seen, Haas have surprisingly revealed their 2020 livery yesterday and the general opinion seems to be that this is the best Haas livery ever. We agree. And in the days to come, we might or might not have an in-depth look at it with the man who created it.

A Deeper Look at Williams' 2019 Design

AlphaTauri & Alfa Romeo Concept Liveries

Of course, concept liveries always need to be taken with a pinch of salt as most of them would be impossible to translate into the real world. Nevertheless, we love the creativity they contain. Such as these designs by Borja Sanz, who by the way consistently puts out great work – such as these NASA-Style patches we've written about in 2018. betweenracinglines.com/blog/space-style-formula-1-patches

More 2020 Concept Liveries

2021 Concept Liveries

We've all seen the 2021 concepts released by F1 themselves but 3D models like these give us a much better understanding of what the design is like and how current liveries could be translated to that.

Red Bull Holden Concept Livery

Our favourite Australian designer Nick Moss published a concept design this week.

Aston Martin Illustration

Chris Rathbone published an illustration he did for Darren Turner and it's gorgeous!

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