14 February 2020 · Dennis Schmidt

This Week in Racing Design: #16

This week has of course been mainly about the Formula One launches. At the time of writing, Haas, Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull and McLaren have all revealed their 2020 designs while Renault presented a simple matte-black launch livery.


Let's start this weekly review with the livery that's impressed us most so far. McLaren's 2020 design is simply stunning. We love basically everything about it, especially the blue finish on the sidepods. We can't wait to see it on track.

Ferrari and Red Bull

Ferrari and Red Bull were among the first teams to unveil their liveries for next season and – surprisingly or not – both of them feature only very minor changes that don't even catch the eye at first glance. While we would've appreciated some more changes on the Ferrari livery, we think there's absolutely nothing wrong in keeping the Red Bull livery the way it's been since 2016.


Reigning World Champions Mercedes have also revealed their 2020 design earlier this week. While we appreciate the more solid lines, we're not quite sure about the red elements on the car.

Alfa Romeo

Earlier today, Alfa Romeo unveiled their snake-themed pre-season livery. They've already followed a very similar strategy last year. What's also the same as last year is that the sponsor decals of the final design are already embroidered into the pre-season livery.

Formula One Helmets

Along with all the livery launches, plenty of drivers also revealed their helmet designs for 2020 – including Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, and Max Verstappen.

Indycar Liveries

Let's move away from Formula One. Also on the other side of the pond, some Indycar liveries have been revealed this week.

Rocket Motorsport's McLaren 720s GT3

One project that already caught our eyes last year was Andy Werner's design of Rocket Motorsport's GT3 and Baja 1000 challengers. For this year, the team switched from the Honda NSX GT3 to the McLaren 720s GT3 and we love the tribute to Jenson Button's championship-winning Brawn GP design.

Stunning Artwork

TCR Liveries

V8 Supercars Liveries

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