21 February 2020 · Dennis Schmidt

This Week in Racing Design: #17

Pre-season is in full swing and this weekly re-cap is about as full as last one's. Let's jump straight into it.

More F1 Liveries

This week, there were three more teams unveiling their liveries to the public since last Friday: Williams, Racing Point and Alfa Romeo. While BWT's logo application on the Racing Point car is quite interesting, we definitely agree that Williams' livery is a step up from 2019.

More F1 Helmets

Alongside the car liveries, also some more helmet designs were revealed this week.

Formula Star Wars

@BloomieDesign came up with some really cool concepts last week that crossover Formula One designs and Star Wars spaceships. We approve!

Campos Livery

GT3 Liveries

KTM/Tech3 Liveries

Panis Racing Livery

A TCR Concept That Never Happened

What was your favourite design of this week? Let us know on Twitter @btwnracinglines!

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Dennis Schmidt is a graphic and UI/UX designer as well as motor racing enthusiast from Hamburg, Germany.