28 February 2020 · Dennis Schmidt

This Week in Racing Design: #18

Before we all go and binge-watch 'Drive to Survive', let's look at some designs of this week.

MotoGP's Bespoke Typeface

MotoGP has revealed a custom typeface created by the design team at Fontsmith (now part of the Monotype Studio). More information can be found here: motogp.com/en/news/2020/02/26/new-custom-typeface-for-motogp/325981

McLaren's Balaclavas

F1 is about innovation at all but McLaren showed us something we really haven't seen before: designed balaclavas. We can't wait to see all your "Retro Liveries as Balaclavas" concepts.

Camo Pattern Helmets

Camo patterns seem quite a trend after Red Bull has been rocking them for the last few F1 test days. Both Lando Norris and Dan Ticktum have been or will be rocking some this year.

Arthur Leclerc's Helmet

Charouz' F2 & F3 Liveries

2 Seas Motorsport's British GT Livery

2 Seas Motorsport are new to the British GT and have revealed a livery this week that features some pretty slick blue chrome. The design was created by MDM Designs.

Rinaldi Racing's GT World Challenge Europe Livery

Andy Werner has designed a pretty cool livery for Rinaldi Racing's GT World Challenge Europe campaign. (GT World Challenge Europe is a funny name by the way. Might've as well called that GT Europe Challenge. Just saying.)

PJ Tierney's Wallpaper Tutorial

PJ Tierney has created some pretty cool 'pocket liveries' – as he calls them – in the past. They're basically wallpapers for your phone that depict simplified versions of liveries. This week, he has also uploaded a video tutorial on how the Haas one came together.

What was your favourite design of this week? Let us know on Twitter @btwnracinglines!

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