25 October 2019 · Dennis Schmidt

This Week in Racing Design: #2

We're back with the second edition of our weekly racing design roundup.

Nissan's Formula E Livery ✨

The Formula E launch season is coming to an end and Nissan are the 10-and-a-halfth team to unveil their livery. Why 10 and a half? Because Venturi sported a livery in the Valencia test sessions that we hope is not final. Now, there's only Dragon left. Looking at you, Sean.
Anyway, the Nissan comes with an asymmetric livery, much more red and none of that ’Doppler Effectβ€˜ they came up with last year. Unlike last season's car, this one will definitely stand out in Season 6.

Are all Formula E Liveries the Same?

Nissan's launch sparked a bit of a debate because some cars on the Formula E grid have strikingly similar colour schemes. This topic is too complex for this weekly format, it would actually deserve its own article. Oh, wait, it has one.

Lando Norris' Mexican GP Helmet

Lando Norris will drive with a special helmet design in this weekend's Mexican Grand Prix. As always with Lando's helmets, this one was designed by MDM Designs.

Design Work in Progress πŸ‘·

As you can tell from our Twitter feed and some previous articles, we really love Chris Rathbone's work. Earlier this week, he uploaded a video that shows the whole design process from the initial sketch to the final illustration. It's always great to not only see good design but also the process behind it. Keep it up. πŸ‘

More Macau GP Liveries

With the Macau Grand Prix coming closer and closer, there are also more and more liveries being unveiled. Just like this one by German designer berzerkdesign.

Turkish FIA Motorsport Games Livery

Also, the inaugural FIA Motorsport Games are coming closer. We all love a good nation concept livery. Even better when it actually comes to life.

This AlphaTauri Concept 🀀

You know what the different between a concept livery and an amazing concept livery is? The reflection that a livery is part of a bigger visual branding and doesn't exist in a vacuum. Andy Werner understood that and boy does he keep delivering.

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