13 March 2020 · Dennis Schmidt

This Week in Racing Design: #20

Rocket Motorsport's Branding

Earlier this week, we've published a piece on Andy Werner's work branding the Rocket Motorsport team of none other than 2009 F1 world champion Jenson Button. We always love getting such insights! Thanks for your time, Andy.

Barewell Motorsport's Livery

Speaking of Andy Werner, this week he also published the livery he's designed for Barwell Motorsports. We can't wait to see those colours in the flesh.

Sergio Perez' Rebranding

Our very own Brandon Seaber has worked on a rebranding of Sergio Perez over the winter break and it turned out to be a stunner – not that we expected anything less. We're currently looking into bringing you the full story incl. unpublished materials. Keep your eyes peeled!

Daniel Ricciardo's Helmet

Love it or hate it, Daniel Ricciardo's 2019 helmet has for sure been quite the eyecatcher. His 2020 design doesn't stray very far. We actually more on the loving side. It's very different and refreshing compared to the other helmets on the grid and brings a whole new element into helmet design.

Huber Motorsport's NLS Livery

Berzerkdesign – who was the focus of our very first article back in 2018 by the way – designed the livery of Huber Motorsport's upcoming NLS campaign. NLS is what used to be VLN so far by the way. But don't worry, it kept an unpronouncable German name in its full version.

DragonSpeed's Indycar Livery

The DragonSpeed team has revealed their livery for the 2020 Indycar season. Apart from the striking bright red and metallic blue colours, the layout of sponsor logos is quite interesting in that they oppose the lines of the car.

Renault F1's Australia Poster

Even though the Australian Grand Prix won't be happening, earlier this week we got Renault F1's race poster.

Goodsmile Racing's 2020 Livery

Bare with us, we have no idea what this tweet says. But Goodsmile Racing's liveries have always caught our eyes. So much so, we've in fact written an article about them some time ago which you can find here: Livery Design in Asia. Either way, here's the rear end of their 2020 car.

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