06 November 2019 · Dennis Schmidt

This Week in Racing Design: #4

Vintage V8 Supercar Liveries

In this year's Sandown round, some V8 Supercars will run special liveries with a slight vintage touch. Nick Moss did a pretty good on those three. 👇

Camo Season is Open!

Arrow McLaren SP has already started some testing and sported a special camo livery for that occassion. We like it a lot. Also the fact it says ”Mum“ on it.

Japan Livery for Roborace

Roborace do have some pretty nice liveries as well as artwork. And this Japanese livery is an instant classic. Very well done.

Daniel Suarez' Mexico-Inspired Helmet

The Livery of Liveries

What happens if you put all liveries on one livery? Looks exactly as bad as it sounds.

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Dennis Schmidt is a graphic and UI/UX designer as well as motor racing enthusiast from Hamburg, Germany.