29 November 2019 · Dennis Schmidt

This Week in Racing Design: #7

As usual towards the end of the year, it's gone a bit quiet. There were still enough things happening though to give you our weekly update.

Ferrari's Abu Dhabi Poster

On a scale from 10 to yes, how great is Ferrari's poster for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix?

Renault's Abu Dhabi Poster

And more importantly: do you prefer Renault's or Ferrari's poster?

Whose poster do you prefer though?

Nicholas Latifi's Abu Dhabi Helmet

Earlier this week Nicholas Latifi was announced as Robert Kubica's replacement at Williams for 2020. For his last Formula 2 race, he will sport a special helmet paying tribute to his time at DAMS Racing.

Lando Norris' Abu Dhabi Helmet

Lando Norris apparently really really likes his race engineer. So much even that he's put his face on his helmet. Unfortunately on the back side though, not the front. Leaves us wondering how that might have looked though.

McLaren To Get New Livery for 2020

With McLaren having British American Tobacco as one of their sponsors, they announced that there will be a special livery for the upcoming season. We're a bit sad if the Papaya years were already past us. However, if they come up with a 1999 BAR tribute, we're totally in.

Found something that wasn't on the list? Tweet us @btwnracinglines and we'll include it in next week's edition!

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